Gifts of Madness - group exhibit - Penticton Art Gallery - Mar 23 - May 11 2024

In this exhibition the Penticton Art Gallery showed two of my largest sculptural works to date, on an exhibition about mental health and featuring artists with lived experience.

“Mad is framed as a social and political identity by people who have been labeled as mentally ill or as having mental health issues. Rather than focusing on awareness and coping with stigma, Mad Pride focuses on expressing the unique ways people experience the world in terms of making meaning, developing communities, and creating culture. Mad arts is the artistic exploration of Mad Pride focusing on mad histories and identities.

In line with this ethos, ‘GIFTS OF MADNESS’ is a Mad Pride mental health-themed art exhibition Our goal is to explore how individuals have discovered the therapeutic benefits of art, and how their creative gifts of madness not only contribute to their personal healing but also play a vital role in healing others. Instead of fixating on disabilities, we aim to celebrate the transformative power of artistic expression and its profound impact on both the artist and the community.”

Works shown: