“Hi, I’m Complicated” solo exhibit @ THIS gallery, Vancouver, BC. May 3 - 11 2024

Runs May 3-11 2024. Opening event is May 4 noon till 4pm, I will be in attendance. Show is at THIS gallery in Vancouver, BC, visit the website for open hours for duration of show:  Thisgallery.org

“This exhibition, entitled "Hi, I’m Complicated," embarks on a journey into the wild and zany psychological experiences that define the essence of individuality.

After anchoring her work in moments of realism through painting, sculpture, and photography, Dyck relinquishes the need for literal representation to delve into the realm of the unseen yet profoundly felt truths of her existence. It's in this domain that Dyck explores the forces shaping identities and relationships, the confusion and turmoil entangling emotions, haunting memories, driving instincts and urges, the innocence of youth carried into the present, and deeply buried rage.

Adopting an intuitive, playful, and curiosity-driven approach, Dyck employs art as a means of self-expression and understanding at a profound level, navigating and rediscovering strength and resilience amidst life's challenges.

Working with the hard truth of her complex chronic illness, Dyck’s portrayal of figures is informed by the tension and grief she feels living in a body with a disabling condition and references the strategy of dissociation or compartmentalizing as a coping mechanism.

The creative process begins with the artist seated amidst photographs, paint, paper, and mixed media supplies, engaging in cutting, connecting, disconnecting, smearing, and experimenting until a figure emerges, marked by honest complexity and a palpable presence.

Symbols recurrent throughout the collection carry significant meanings: wings symbolize the desire to escape adversity; wheels, the mobility aids Dyck relies on for movement; monsters, the feared or deemed unlovable aspects of the self. Incorporations of scorpion tails, horns, and spikes reimagine ferocity and power, representing a fantasized retaliation. Each element signifies a profound truth, visible beyond mere sight.

This exhibit stands as an open invitation for individuals to engage with their complex selves with curiosity, to approach self-perception with levity, and to envision themselves in previously unconsidered or newly imagined ways.”